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We'll see all of you this Saturday (2/13/16) at 9AM for Opening Day at Discovery Park. We encourage you to arrive early and allow extra time for parking.

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Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 3:00pm: Schedule Changes

Game Schedule Changes

We have made several changes to game schedules this afternoon. The majority was moving the late games from April 16th to April 18th so that there was no conflict with Softball Day with the San Diego Padres. Make sure to check your schedules for any changes. Lets have some fun and play softball!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 7:00am: Lates Updates

Individual Team Game Schedules

The Individual Team Game Schedules for the 2016 season have been posted. To view them, navigate to the top menu and go to Recreation League > Rec Teams/Schedules.

BV Board Member Meeting

Just a reminder to BVGASA Board Members, we will be meeting Thursday 2/11 at 7:30PM.

Monday, February 8th, 2016 1:45pm: Team Parent Meeting and Games Schedule Update

Team Parent Meeting

Times and agenda for the team parent meeting on Wednesday, February 10 at the Bonita Vista High School Cafeteria.

6:00 to 6:30 PM: T-Ball and Super 6'ers
6:30 to 7:00 PM: Rookies
7:00 to 7:30 PM: Mini-Minors
7:30 to 8:00 PM: Minors and Majors

On the agenda:
Snack Bar Schedule
Fundraising Events
Game Ball Distribution

There will be plenty of valuable information about the 2016 season. We'll see you there!

Master Game Schedule

The Master Game Schedule for the 2016 season has been posted. To view it, go up to the top menu and go to Recreation League > In Season > Rec Master Schedule. The individual team schedules are not up yet, but anticipating those will be done by Wednesday night.

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 11:00pm: New Updates

Opening Day and First Games

Opening Ceremonies are scheduled for Saturday February 13, 2016 at 9:00am. They are being held at Discovery Fields in front of the Snack Bar. All 650+ players are expected and they will be in their new uniforms. Also attending will be a number representatives from the San Diego Padres!

Remember to come early or you will definitely be late! The parking lot and street parking will be full, so plan to come as early as possible to find parking.

This same day, February 13 is when the first games of the season are played. Once the opening ceremony completes, there will be games played all day.

2016 Team Mom's Meeting

The Team Mom's Meeting will be Wednesday, February 10th from 6PM to 8PM at the Bonita Vista High School cafeteria.

2016 Text Alert Sign Ups are Available

The Text Alert function for in-season Field Condition changes has been activated. If you would like to receive a text message to your cell phone for Field Conditions as they change during the season, use the link on the right column to sign up. All numbers that had been put into this alert system for previous seasons have been cleared out so even if you were using this service in the past, you will have to sign up again for the 2016 season.

Jersey Mike's Subs Fundraiser

We are partnering up with Jersey Mike's Subs the week on April 4th through the 10th. BV Fundraiser Coupons and information wil be given out at the team mom's meeting. Jersey Mike's Fundraiser locations will be Eastlake and Otay Ranch. Contact BV Fundraiser Coordinator Jennifer Angel for more information.

League Volunteers

BVGASA is a non-profit organization that survives on the volunteer time and dedication of its members, specifically the parents and businesses of the community. Again this year we will need volunteers for Team Managers, Coaches, Team Mom's, Parent Helpers, etc. (anyone who interacts with the players). If you have the desire to be a part of this season's effort in one of these capacities, you will need a new ASA background check completed as this is an ASA annual requirement. If you get it started now you will be cleared prior to the beginning of the season.

Bring a copy of this completed volunteer form and a $10.00 processing fee (if you did not pay during the on-line registration) to any of the on-site registration dates. This completed process will allow you to join in on league on-field activities like the game and practice fields. Without this, adults are not allowed on any of the fields during league activity times. This is an ASA annual requirement so once you get this done, you can use it without renewing throughout the year, no matter what league you are involved with. Just click on the "Log In" link on the upper right hand corner of this page then click on the "Register to Volunteer" link to get the process started.

Dates to Remember:
  • February 10, 2016: Team Mom's Meeting 6PM at BVHS Cafeteria
  • February 13, 2016: Opening Day at Discovery Park 9AM
  • February 28, 2016: Laser Tag Fundraiser
  • March 5, 2016: Picture Day
  • March 18, 2016: Golf Tournament Fundraiser
  • April 4-10, 2016: Jersey Mike's Subs Fundraiser
  • April 10, 2016: Adult Softball Tournament Fundraiser
  • April 16, 2016: Softball Day at San Diego Padres


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