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Q: What does BVGASA stand for?

Q: What are the age groups that Bonita Valley Girls ASA has?

Q: Why do I have to appear in-person to turn in my registration information, if I registred on-line?

Q: Are scores/standings kept for all divisions?

Q: How are girls assigned to a team?

Q: How are the team colors selected?

Q: How are the team names chosen?

Q: When are the team pictures taken?

Q: I think I would like to be on the league's Board of Directors. What can I do to make that possible?

Q: How much are Coaches and Board Members paid?

Q: How and when are the All-Star teams selected?

Q: Is additional money required for All-Stars and what is it used for? What else is needed from us for All-Stars?

Q: How can I become a sponsor? Do I have to own a business to be one?

Q: I saw a caption on a picture posted on the web site that I don't like. How can I have it removed?

Q: I took some pictures at a game. Will you post them on the website?

Q: How will I find out when our team has snackbar duty?

Q: Our game was rained out. Now what?

Q: How come the score of our teams last game is not up on the website?