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“There isn’t any other youth institution that equals sports as a setting in which to develop character. There just isn’t. Sports are
the perfect setting because character is tested all the time.”
- John Gardner, Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner

The Coaches Corner is for resources and tools intended to assist both new and veteran managers and coaches, and for parents as well. We have Tutorials, Drills, Videos, and Templates for your practices and in-game management. If you have a contribution to this web page please send them to the Web Master.


How To Pick Out and Buy a Softball Bat

How To Play all Positions, Running and Batting

Usefull Forms and Templates

Track Your Players Stats Game by Game

Drills, Drills and Drills

A Few Base Running Drills

Fielding Drills

Usefull Links

Ace Coaching Certification
      - On-Line courses. $25.00 for Level 1; $20.00 for Levels 2 - 4; Includes your Background Check

Softball Practice Drills
      - A ton of text based practice drills by Ohio Fastpitch Connection

SDSU Aztec Softball Camp Schedule
      - Parents, looking for an off-season softball camp? Try SDSU

Why Do Kids Drop Out Of Sports?

72% of all children between the ages of 8-13 drop out of organized sports programs. In one recent study, the primary reason found for quitting was an overemphasis on winning. Other reasons from that study include: “The coach yelled at me when I made a mistake,” “I never got to play,” and “I wasn’t good enough.”

In another study on this subject, children who participated identified six reasons for dropping out:

  • Not Playing. Lack of playing time is the number one reason for dropping out of sports. Children indicated that they would rather play on a losing team than ride the bench for a winning team.
  • Being Criticized and Insulted. Children, like adults, make errors. Errors are a normal part of learning however, children interpret insults and criticism about their playing as statements about their worth as people. Being a "poor" player also means being an inadequate person for many children.
  • Mismatching. When children are mismatched in size and skill, they can feel overwhelmed which is often translated into little reason to be motivated to play.
  • Stress. Children who feel anxious about their performance or about winning will almost certainly find little enjoyment in playing the game.
  • Failure. As children grow into adolescence, chronic failure as an athlete will generate anxiety, inhibit performance, and lower feelings of self-worth. When children receive messages from adults that making errors and losing a game are indicators of failure, they drop out of sports.
  • Poor Organization. Practices that are too regimented, physically inactive, and boring are further reasons offered by children for dropping out of organized sports.

Instructional & Drill Videos

These videos contain skill instructions and drills you can use for your practices and pre-game warm-ups. We have them broken into specific categories. They are free for you to use.

Fielding / Defense

Middle Infield Play
University of Arizona Head Softball Coach Mike Candrea discusses a technique to help your player learn the mechanics and positions while receiving the throw for infield plays.

Infield Ground Ball Work
Coach Mike Candrea demonstrates an infield drill set that emphisizes Glove Work, Proper Foot Work, and Acurate and Quick Throws. These drills keep the girls moving and cover a number of different skills. You may need 3 coaches, 3 buckets and a number of softballs.

Base Running

Timing Your Lead
This video talks about various softball practice drills you can run in order to work on timing the lead for your base runners. There are two different timings for the lead discussed: Straight Steal and Bunt Lead.


Proper Grip, Stance and Swing
This video shows the key points of the grip and stance for proper hitting mechanics. The swing is addressed in more detail in other videos.

Bottom Hand Drill
In this video Coach Mike Candrea shows a technique he developed to teach the player to keep their bottom hand inside the oncoming ball during the swing.

Additional Videos

These videos address the attitude and approach of both running a team and being a responsible and supportive parent for the player and the team. Coaches, be sure to make the parents of your players aware of these videos and encourage them to watch.

Lets Talk Youth Sports
Coach Mike Candrea speaks to coaches and parents on youth sports. This is a series of 13 very short videos covering topics like the team, attitude, development, and being a consistent leader and positive roll model. Some excellent and level headed talk for adults that are definitely worth the time to watch.